Lucas Alcalde
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Artistic Temper

      Lucas Alcalde is a versatile artist. He is interested in most items related to art and society.

     He knows well the difficulties of using different techniques in the majority of works, but at the same time he is conscious that attention and repetition are necessary to obtain results, which corresponded to your wishes.
Lucas Alcalde
     Life and Nature have been his school, plus a very high level of will. Observation, attention and curiosity have been the subjects in his learning, which other artists perhaps have had the opportunity to study in some Art Schools.
     Perspicacious and observant, he can distinguish main from accessory things, priority from secondary. Patiently he has reached creativity and a very enviable technique. He has always been able to find inspiration while working and in his work he has been able to make himself.
Fisherman      Lucas Alcalde is loyal to his ideas and origins. An excellent drawer, he knows human anatomy very well, he can capture not only the body but also the spirit and ideas. He does not comply with forms and shapes; he uses them to transmit feelings, mainly social feelings.
     The majority of his art is homage to the working class. Rural people, fishermen, industry workers´┐Żall of them come out of his papers, stones and cloths.
     On the other hand we can find works that move the spectator, because we have to understand that Lucas is a serious artist, but also tries to work with happiness and tries to find esthetic pleasure.