Lucas Alcalde
Artistic Temper
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      The importance of painting is demonstrated throughout history. Conscious of this, Lucas Alcalde uses it to try and leave evidence of an era, of people, of ways of working that although now non-existent were the base the countries wealth, a testimony of what was and but should never have been. (The hardships of the mining and industrial workers).
Driller       To paint or draw nudes helps to develop and deeply understand the construction of the human form and way in which its parts compose the body. How muscles, bones and skin are threaded. When we talk about anatomy we talk about muscles, bones and how they are intertwine. But, we cannot forget the skin, that covers and colours what is underneath, altering in this way the anatomy perception.

      Dressing is also very important in order to show that it is a very important element respect of the body. Clothes do not hide anything; on the contrary one must always take into consideration what is underneath in order to represent the entire concept.


      Lucas Alcalde is not afraid of painting nude bodies. He looks for beauty, but without losing the importance of what is natural. His concept of beauty is closer to what is real than to the search for what is formally considered perfect.

      The nude is a reflection about human condition. Some people see nude bodies and some see undressed bodies. The first case is simply being in front of others and second case is being in an unusual situation, which is transitory. People painted by Lucas are nudes, he paints them as it they were just one more part of beauty.
Lorena´s Portrait       Precision in a portrait is something more than simply physical similarity. Our features, attitudes and expressions depend more of what we cannot see than of what we can. Artists usually paint the best portraits of people they know well.

      In Lucas Alcalde �s portraits, people are not mixed with the back of the portrait, the back is just the theatrical background that helps make the person stand out. The portrait appears strong, secure and independent of the rest of the picture.

Lucas Alcalde tries to capture the psychology of the person he is painting without reducing their vanity. He knows how to paint truth with diplomacy and sympathy so nobody could feel offended. His open and hospitable character helps to reach those things.

   Self Portrait

      His self-portraits are much nearer of a "psychological portrait" than of a representation of real features. He sits with security, with a sight between inside and deep in thought.
There is a clear evolution in his self-portrait facet. Also there is a reduction in elements trying to say more with less of them, at the same time trying to win in profundity.
Watercolour Pastel Oil Illustrations